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Below are a few recent website projects we are proud of.

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Small Business

How to Survive Working for a Family Business as a Non-Family Member

Many people are opening their own small businesses and many of these owners are employing members of their family. This is a great thing, as I firmly believe,


Reputation Management for College Grads

The last semester has finished, all you final exams are over and you’ve valiantly crossed the stage and received your diploma. So what now? Well, it’s

Web Design

Common Mistakes Web Design Clients Fight to Have

Web designers and developers can spend days mapping out a design with a client, and there’s still a chance the client won’t like the final product. One of the

Social Networking

Sharing too much on Social Media? Tips to Stop!

I think we have all both been the perpetrator, as well as the victim, of over sharing on social media. Good examples of over sharing are

Current Events

Donkeys Now Wi-Fi Hotspots in Biblical Tourist Park

Although the headline might sound like it’s coming straight from the popular satire news company, The Onion, this is a totally legitimate

Web Design

Political Apps for the Upcoming Election

In November, we will go to the polls in the United States and either vote to keep our current President, Barack Obama, in office, or we will decide to