3 Marketing Trends for the Small Business in 2012

Small business owners realize that in these tough economic times, their marketing and advertising campaigns must be well developed, clever and unique in order for them to be effective. Although this has always been good practice for marketing campaigns to get noticed, there is a lot more risk to having a flopped marketing campaign than there used to me. Many businesses are no longer able to recover from a bad advertisement. Therefore, small businesses have been trying some new and intriguing marketing tactics to help their companies grow and succeed. Here are 3 marketing trends for the small business in 2012:

1. User-Generated Content is Booming – More and more companies are putting user-generated content, such as YouTube video testimonials about their products, on their websites. This is a great way to instill more confidence in your brand, since these are real people giving their real thoughts. Many businesses are even including testimonials that highlight a small negative aspect of the product – and including news on how they plan to fix things. This way, viewers of their site can see they aren’t just cherry-picking the nice comments.

2. Social Media Contests and Giveaways – Most businesses have at least set up a Facebook or Twitter page. Most of those that have set up a page are at least attempting to use them properly for marketing. One of the largest things to emerge from business social media pages is the onset of contests and giveaways. Typically these actions are used to get more “likes” or “shares” for the businesses page. Offers can be very large or as simple as an online coupon.

3. Mobile Marketing – Whether it’s through a specific app, such as Groupon, or via text message, more businesses are implementing rewards attached to mobile phones.

Are you a small business owner and have implemented a unique marketing campaign for your company? Comment below and tell us your success stories!


popadmin3 Marketing Trends for the Small Business in 2012