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Social Networking

Facebook to Crack Down on Fake Likes

When you visit brand pages on Facebook, do you ever wonder how many likes are actually legitimate? Well, Facebook did too, and they now know very

Social Networking

Sharing too much on Social Media? Tips to Stop!

I think we have all both been the perpetrator, as well as the victim, of over sharing on social media. Good examples of over sharing are

Social Networking

Job Seekers Can Gain Help Through Social Media

One of the main things plaguing not only the United States, but countries around the globe, is the unemployment rate. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, as of

Social Networking

Don’t want to get Kicked off Twitter? Then Avoid These Things.

Recently a journalist for Independent, Guy Adams, went on a rant about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics and exuded a special amount of rage toward an NBC executive, deciding

Social Networking

Twitter has new Search Features: Here is How to Use Them

If you are an avid Twitter user, you have probably noticed the limits to using “Discover” on your account as a part of Twitter search, especially when it comes to the

Social Networking

Facebook Taking Over your Life? We Can Help.

Many Facebook users have experienced a certain level of addiction to the site at one point or another. Others have had