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Below are a few recent website projects we are proud of.

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Tips for Turning Free Trial Enthusiasts into Real Customers

We’ve all taken advantage of free trials before, and ended up never paying for the service. Although most free trials put you on a recurring billing schedule, even if Continue reading

Web Design

5 Tools to Help Improve Web Design Skills

The thing about web design is that it is ever changing. Therefore, a web designer that only repeats the same design gimmicks will eventually


Four Ways to Help Ensure Startup Success

There are many reasons why startups start and then stop abruptly. Surely, when anyone embarks on a new business endeavor, they expect it will succeed, or else,

Social Networking

Five Internet Activists to Watch

More and more people are using social media and other areas of the Internet to bring certain causes to the forefront. Here at POP Creative Group, we love to

Current Events

“Cover The Night” Takes Place: Was the Turnout as Large as Expected?

Following the release of the most viral video in history, Kony2012, social media was all abuzz for the “Cover the Night” Campaign set to take place on

Viral Videos

Want to Achieve YouTube Fame? 3 Tips for Creating Viral Videos

Although it may seem like anyone with a cute cat can strike gold with a viral YouTube video, there is a method to how some of these videos become famous. The process DOES start with