5 Tips to Improve Your Business Etiquette

Far too many companies lose clients because of those few employees that don’t practice good business etiquette. This can be anything from what they say to the way they maintain their appearance. It’s important when you run a company to set the example for your employees and talk to any that you feel are not measuring up to your standards of business etiquette. Here are five quick tips that hopefully if you practice them yourself, your employees will follow suit:

1. Keep Conversation Professional – Sure, from time to time we all like to talk about our families or our weekend, but it’s best to keep this minimal. The more personal you become with your employees the more personal the conversation flow will become, making it easy for you or an employee to get too personal with a client, creating an uncomfortable situation.

2. Inter-Office Telephone Etiquette – Keep phone conversations, even inter-office phone conversations, professional and straight to the point. You really never know who is listening, and this will let your employees know that phone etiquette is very important with clients.

3. Office Decorations – Personal items, such as photos, are a great way for employees to feel at home while at work. However, make sure you draw a clear line on what is acceptable and what isn’t. A photo of you skiing with your family is fine… a large poster with a cat giving the middle finger and an expletive rant as a caption is not.

4. Keep Open Lines of Communication – Make sure you consistently check up on your employees. This doesn’t mean that you should micromanage them. Just keep up to date on their tasks and make sure you let them know to keep you informed about any issues.

5. Mind your Manners – This one may seem silly, but it amazing how little words like “Please,” “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome” are used in the workplace. Thank your employees for their hard work, and also be respectful in just regular every day conversation. Kindness is contagious, and your employees will treat you with the same respect.

Are you a business owner that has transformed your business by improving the etiquette of the workplace? Comment below and share your tips!


popadmin5 Tips to Improve Your Business Etiquette