5 Tools to Help Improve Web Design Skills

The thing about web design is that it is ever changing. Therefore, a web designer that only repeats the same design gimmicks will eventually fade away. Regardless of the industry you work in, you should always continue to learn and grow. However, if your job is within the realm of technology, such as a web designer, you have an even bigger burden to continuously learn new techniques to improve at your career. Here are some great resources to help you keep your skills sharp.

1. Albany Library Design Tutorial – This is an interactive way to learn basic skills. This is definitely not for the extremely experienced web designer, looking for the newest techniques, but if you are still learning web design, or need a refresher on some basics, this resource is perfect.

2. MIT Online – MIT, along with many other Ivy League schools, has started to offer online courses for free! MIT offers multiple courses in the realm of “comparative media studies.” These courses are both undergraduate and graduate-level and are most helpful to more experienced web designers.

3. Smarthistory Videos – These videos are more for design inspiration. However, they work perfectly for those times when you are stuck in a rut regarding new designs.

4. Designspiration – This is another great place to find inspiration. They feature more technical designs and it is regularly updated.

5. Smashing Magazine’s Resume Tutorial – One of the most important things for a web designer to have, is an eye-catching portfolio. This is their true resume. Smashing Magazine offers a great tutorial on how to best present your work to potential employers.


popadmin5 Tools to Help Improve Web Design Skills