Five Tips to Create Small Business Blog Buzz

So you’ve set up a blog, and you’re writing regularly. You have some followers, but nothing too substantial and it bums you out. Why doesn’t anyone want to read what I’m writing? This is a much more difficult pill to swallow if the blog is supremely personal. A small business blog also needs a lot of followers, but for different reasons: to inform, entertain and also increase site traffic. So as a small business owner, where your content may not always be as enticing as a highly personal blog or one that is run by many people and is a highly reputable, how can you create a large group of followers? Here are five tips to create small business blog buzz:

1. Don’t forget about design – Even a blog needs a good web designer to beef it up. The layout of your blog will make a big difference to potential readers. If your layout is plain, confusing or overdone it will immediately send readers away from the page.

2. Keep categories simple & to a minimum – There is little point to having a never-ending list of categories with only a few blogs under each one. Try to stick to 10-15 broad categories at most and find a way to file each blog.

3. “Fake it til you Make it” – Comments, replies and forum interaction is very important to the livelihood of a blog. Encourage friends and family to post thoughtful comments and replies to get the ball rolling. The more interactions people see on your blog, the more they will join in and eventually it will take off.

4. Thoughtful posts will create a following – Just writing about any ‘ol thing to fill space will never create loyal readers. Make sure that even if your blog is for mostly SEO purposes that you still try to focus on good, intriguing content.

5. Add a visual element to every post – A photo, a video, an infographic, or anything of the sort will add a lot of pizzazz to an otherwise text-heavy post.

Have a small business blog that you’ve been able to create a lot of buzz over? Let us know your secret by commenting!


popadminFive Tips to Create Small Business Blog Buzz