Really Want an iPad for your Birthday? Giftiki can Make it Happen!

How many times can you say you’ve received a birthday gift that you really didn’t want and really couldn’t use? Probably at least one for every year you have been born. While it is important to appreciate the thought and not focus on the actual gift, let’s be real: A birthday can turn into a huge disappointment for anyone of any age, if all they get are some socks and underwear when they’ve been dropping hints about tickets to a concert, an electronic device, or a giftcard to their favorite store.

Gifttiki is a gift site that wants you to get what you desire for your birthday, and they way they have set out to handle it actually can make the birthday gift choosing process easier for family and friends. Co-founder Jesse Stanislaw got the idea when he had asked for a trip to an Orlando Magic game one year, and ended up with dozen of giftcards. Although the giftcards were greatly appreciated, when he added up the amounts, they exceeded the price of a trip to the game. It was then that he realized, if all his family and friends had just gotten together, he would have received the gift he really wanted.

So, with other co-founder Bryan Jowers, Giftiki was born. But Giftiki isn’t just to organize getting the perfect birthday gift. Many celebrities like Sofia Vergara have been able to use the site to promote gifts to different causes. Through the site, she teamed up with friends and family to raise money as a gift to Dreams Without Borders.

So next time your birthday comes around, a special event, or a cause you wish to support, you can easily use Giftiki to invite your friends and family to make that wish come true.


popadminReally Want an iPad for your Birthday? Giftiki can Make it Happen!