Top 3 Principles of a High Converting Website

Conversion is what turns your website into a business. When a viewer converts, you get them to do something you want; subscribe to an email list, click a link, buy a product. All of this seems easy enough to do, but it isn’t as simple as just having a nice looking site and frequent posts. Without the right conversion strategy, your great website and quality content can go unnoticed, leaving you wondering what you’ve done wrong. The following are three of many principles of high-converting websites, intended to steer you in the right direction, along with a how-to that you can begin implementing into your current website today.

SEO Content

The content on your site is what makes it rank in search engines and helps people find you in the first place. If you want to generate traffic that has a higher conversion potential, then you need to optimize your site’s content with SEO. This can be done in blogs, about pages, titles, meta and alt tags and of course, product descriptions. You may think you don’t need to optimize your content because you already have a lot of traffic, but if you calculate your conversion rate and discover that the majority of your viewers aren’t following through, then it’s likely that they are misclicking or your site is not designed in a way that makes it easy to find what they’re looking for.

SEO helps attract viewers who are already looking for what you have, as opposed to you trying to sell directly to random parties.

How You Can Start Today: Read up on SEO basics. This guide by Moz is a great way to familiarize yourself with how search engines work and learn how you to use keywords to maximize your site.

Conversion-minded Layout

The design of your website is everything when it comes to conversion. You need a layout that isn’t just aesthetically appealing and represents your brand’s energy, but also helps guide viwers through a conversion funnel – from homepage to checkout. The most common feature that many sites leave out is the search bar, which is vital because it allows visitors to begin engaging with your site immediately. Instead of having to click through menus, they can type in a keyword and find exactly what they’re looking for. Make sure your search bar is centered or large enough to be immediately noticed instead of wedged into one of your site’s upper corners.

Other design principles to consider are high conversion colors, calls to action and button design.

How You Can Start Today: Go to your site and take note of its design. Is the search bar easy to find? Do you have autocomplete suggestions and filters for your content to facilitate user experience? Is the content optimized for both search engines and viwers? Organize tests where unbiased parties are given an item and follow up by asking how easy it was to find that item, whether or not they’d be interested in buying the item based off the site and what factors played a role in that decision.


Digital marketing is comprised of strategies, tips, tricks and theories, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing: people. People are what make or break your business. Although your site views may be just a figure, each one of those numbers represents an actual human being. The best way to get them to convert is to provide authentic, stimulating content that appeals to their senses. Understanding various areas of psychology, such as marketing, color and even pain and pleasure is one way to imrpove your site’s overall design and increase your conversion rate

How You Can Start Today: Begin looking into the psychology behind marketing, as well as the role of color in advertising and design. Use your own mind as a case study and visit the sites of businesses you endorse; what about their pages make you want to shop there or use their services? Is it the images? The text? What emotions do they appeal to?


You can acquire a high converting website in a matter of weeks and start seeing results as early as a few days with the right tweaks. Your content has to be genuine and SEO-optimized and presented on a site that is both clean and easy to navigate. Behind that great design should be plenty of calls to action, buttons and imagery that appeals to the minds of your viewers on both a visual and subconscious level. This can be done by studying basic marketing and color psychology. With some research and patience, you can grow your business and boost your credibility in no time.

Victor GonzalezTop 3 Principles of a High Converting Website