Twitter Hosts Its First Wedding

Twitter has been a place where many people have announced engagements, babies and even divorces. Some people even hire web design Miami companies to create entire wedding websites for them, so the following story is not exactly the first time technology has become a large part of a wedding.

Last week a couple from Turkey live-tweeted their wedding and even said “I Do” via Twitter for their iPads. (What they actually wrote was “Evet” which translates to “Yes” in Turkish, adding multiple “t’s” for extra excitement.)

It’s no surprise that the groom, Cengizhan Celik, a social media editor for, wanted Twitter invited to his wedding. It is debatable whether the bride, Candan Canik, was as exuberant about the choice since “Evetttttt” was the first Tweet she ever posted.

During the ceremony, Celik was live tweeting throughout, sharing all the details with the world. At the end of the ceremony, they looked deeply into their eye- er, I mean iPads, and happily tweeted “Evettttttt” to signal that they were officially married.

This is what is to be believed as the world’s first Twitter-hosted wedding. After the ceremony, they made it legal by putting a pen and paper to a marriage license, but for all intents and purposes, the wedding took place just as much via Twitter as it did in the physical location. After the ceremony, Celik tweeted a hilarious photo of him and his new bride. In it, he held his hand to his hand to his temple in the shape of a gun with an expression like he might need to run away!

Although this is the first Twitter wedding, Skype has been used to marry couples living across the world from each other. So as more technological devices find their way into this realm of life, will more people choose to get married over social media?

If people start getting married primarily with the use of social media is this harmful or innovative? Comment below and share your thoughts on this unique news story.

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