Ways to Watch the Vice Presidential Debate Tonight

Last week we all enjoyed the hectic fact-checking nature of the first presidential debate. Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will face off in a new debate. Will you be watching? And how so? If you aren’t sure, feel free to utilize any of the following outlets that will be presenting the vice presidential debates online.

1) NPR – NPR will be live streaming the vice presidential debates online. Have anything you need fact-checked? Tweet to @acarvin with the hashtag #factcheck, and the answers will be forthcoming.

2) C-SPAN – C-SPAN will be having a “debate hub” that will allow you to view a live stream of the debates while also providing updated answers to submitted questions. Tweet and include the hashtag #cspan2012 to involve yourself in the C-SPAN conversation.

3) Xbox – So Xbox will be again joining the debate game and live streaming via their Xbox live platform. Remember that if you watch at least 3 out of the 4 debates, Xbox will reward Halo fans with a “Warrior Armor Avatar.”

4) YouTube – YouTube is partnering with ABC again to live stream the debates for free and they will be available worldwide. There will even be an option to watch the debates live with a Spanish translation. Watch it at YouTube.com/politics

5) HuffPost Live – The Huffington Post will also again be in on the debates. You will be able to see opinions in four different categories (women, young voters, comedy and inside politics) while watching the debates via their live stream. This is a great avenue if you plan to watch the debates and fact check during. Both aspects will be looked at virtually simultaneously.

Will you be watching the debates tonight? Why or why not? And if so, how will you be watching them? Comment below and share your thoughts.

popadminWays to Watch the Vice Presidential Debate Tonight