10 Quick Tips to Utilize YouTube For Online Marketing

In YouTube’s early years, it was simply full of user-submitted videos, mostly containing funny animal interactions and men being unfavorably hit in the crotch in some way. Today, YouTube has morphed into much more; so much more that is has become a place where you can successfully market you business. Here are ten quick tips to help you learn how to utilize YouTube for online marketing:

1. Shoot videos that teach people about your industry and link back to them through social media and your blog.

2. Post customer testimonials to bring more credibility to your brand.

3. Promote events with short commercials you shoot on your own

4. Be sure to utilize the ability to add “Call-to-Action” overlays throughout certain videos.

5. Post a video contest. Award the best video response with a coupon or other special offer.

6. Make sure every single video has text that includes your company’s information.

7. Enter into YouTube advertisement partnerships to earn extra ad revenue from the traffic going to your videos.

8. Create characters that appeal to customers and feature them in most videos. It’s all about personality!

9. Introduce new staff members via short videos. This makes the employee feel good and important (as they should) and makes your brand more human.

10. Place a spotlight on new products or services your company is offering with a short video.

Any tips you feel we left out? Comment below and share your success stories from utilizing YouTube for online marketing.


popadmin10 Quick Tips to Utilize YouTube For Online Marketing