3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Website

Sometimes we just need some things to be simple. When it comes to building a business website, very little of it can be described as “simple.” However, there are a few simple tricks you can use to help improve your site. Of course, there will be more turbulent days to come in regards to your business website, but at least you can rest easy knowing you were able to implement these three simple tips.

1. Make it simple for users to access customer service – This will make your life simpler LATER. By taking the time to add as many options for customer service as possible and linking them (make them simple to find too!) you will be able to streamline customer issues to one area. This gives your customers the ease of asking questions live online, through email, over the phone and any other way you choose!

2. Include Supplemental Information for Products – Warranty information, product manuals, troubleshooting guides, DIY videos, manufacturer contact details, and sizing charts can make your life and the lives of your customers so much simpler. Also, this isn’t difficult to do because it typically just means scanning up the information and converting them to PDF for the site.

3. Make sure your website works on a Smartphone – Quite a few people use their cell phones for most of their web surfing needs. If you don’t make sure to optimize your site for mobile use, then you will certainly lose many sales, and your business life will be far from simple.

Have you discovered any great new ways to simplify your business website? Comment below and share your success stories!


popadmin3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Website