3 Ways You Can Improve Your Customer Service Through Facebook

Social media is becoming a great resource for answering customer questions and concerns. Instead of having to listen to awful hold music for a half-hour while you wait to speak to a representative, you can ask a question through Facebook, Twitter or another social media outlet, and get a direct answer from the business, typically very quickly. According to Forrester Research, and reported by Mashable, “27% of U.S. online consumers sought customer service support on the Web in 2011, and currently three out of four expect a reply to a negative comment posted on Facebook. If you have been using Facebook for your brand and would like to implement a customer service aspect to your page, here are some great tips to help you along the way:

1. Respond to BOTH negative and positive comments – If someone took the time to reach out to you, make it a point to respond to them. Obviously, if the comment is negative, we are more apt to respond so we can either fix the problem at hand or at least address the issue. It is important to also respond to positive comments, even if it is just with a simple “Thanks!” Of course, in both cases, always remain diplomatic and understanding. Lashing out at angry clients will only cause more issues.

2. Use your most common issues for an FAQ page – It’s likely you will get asked the same question multiple times. Directly clients to a specific spot on the FAQ page can save a lot of time and allow the client to get an in-depth and thoughtful response to their question, since you will likely spend a lot of time making the FAQ page relevant and up-to-date.

3. Consider hiring a social media expert – Although you may want to do everything yourself, you can’t. Having someone dedicated to answering Facebook inquiries can be quite helpful. They will also know the best way to create posts that best bring light to your brand.

Have you been utilizing Facebook as a means to offer customer service help to your customers? How has it been working for you? Would you like to share any of your tips? Comment below!


popadmin3 Ways You Can Improve Your Customer Service Through Facebook