Tips to Keep You Focused in the Workplace

There are always distractions in every workplace. If you work in an office environment in front of a computer all day, then the distractions are tenfold with social networking sites and online games just a click away. We are all guilty of checking our personal email, surfing Facebook or playing solitaire on company time. A little mental break every now and again is said to lead to increased productivity, but what happens if you find yourself falling behind on your work every week because you can’t seem to keep the distractions to a minimum? Well, here are some great tips to keep you motivated and focused in the workplace:

1. Make a manageable list of things to do at the end of every workday to utilize the following day. Be sure to leave room for other projects that may pop up. If nothing pops up, you can always catch up on what you are behind on, or get a jumpstart on the next day.

2. Keep your workspace neat and organized so that you can minimize wasted time looking for simple things. Even if it takes a couple hours out of one day, go through old papers, toss out what you don’t need, clean up your calendar, organize things in file folders, and clean those stubborn coffee cup rings off your desk while you’re at it!

3. Close programs on your computer that you are not currently using so that you can work with less computer clutter. If you are constantly clicking through windows and different programs before you get to the one you are looking for, you probably have far too many programs open.

4. Set specific times to complete personal things, like social media or phone calls. You can set aside maybe 2 or 3 10-15 minute blocks of time to catch up on any personal matters you may have. One before lunch and one after should fend off your Twitter urges.

5. Set mini-deadlines for all your tasks so that you can stay on top of everything. This will also allow you to celebrate small victories as you make your way through the list. Mini-deadlines will also alert you to when you are falling behind and still give you enough time to catch up. One solid deadline for all of your work is more easily broken.

Do you have any other ways that you stay focused at work? Comment below and share your success stories with us!


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