5 Habits of Successful Online Marketers

Why is it that some online marketers continually raise the bar while others continually fall short? What is it that the best online marketers do in terms of driving more traffic to their website and converting more website visitors into customers? Answering both of these aforementioned questions comes down to understanding the five habits of successful online marketers, ones who know how to reach their target audience, know how to produce engaging content and know how to move prospects forward.

1. Engaging Content

Success isn’t just about the written word. It’s not just about writing endless paragraphs and inundating users with redundant information. Instead, it’s about combining well-written content with engaging videos and imagery. The best online marketers combine well-placed images alongside infographics, graphs and or excel tables. They combine multiple mediums in order to deliver a clear and concise message.

2. Consistent Content Production

The best online marketers are consistent in how they engage their audience. They make it a point to produce content on a daily basis and they continually raise the bar on how that content is produced. Ultimately, it’s a question of knowing what their customers want and giving them exactly that and more. All of that information comes from taking the time to analyze the website’s analytics. The best online marketers identify what their website visitors and customers want and then they give it to them time and again.

3. A/B Split Testing (Website Visitors, Online Advertising and Email Campaigns)

Those who excel at online marketing don’t merely rely upon assumptions. Instead, they use a systematic approach to maximizing their website’s layout, in addition to making sure they continually increase their click-through rates (CTR) on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns and email marketing newsletters. Success typically involves split testing viewership. This means that the most tech-savvy online marketers will test one website or blog layout with one set of customers, and they’ll test a completely different layout with another set of customers. The goal is to find the optimized layout with the highest conversion rate.

4. Networking

Are you looking to be seen as a market guru? Do you want to be known as a relevant source of timely information? If so, then networking with your market’s biggest players is vital to keeping your company at the forefront of your market. Today’s online marketing professionals must build a substantial network of high-value contacts in order to make sure their company is readily available. Whether it’s from doing guest blog posts, videos, and or participating in podcasts, the best online marketers ensure that their company is always engaging its target audience.

5. Clear Call to Action

Finally, the best marketers know that their call to action must be clear and concise. There is no room for ambiguity. The company must clearly define its intentions, outline its value proposition and give potential customers a reason to act. A clear call to action does exactly that. Make sure your call to action gives your viewers a reason to move forward.

Miami website design firms must incorporate all of these aforementioned habits. Ultimately, you need to work alongside a design firm that can redesign your website while also putting together a content development strategy that reaches your target audience and incentivizes them to move forward.

Victor Gonzalez5 Habits of Successful Online Marketers