5 SEO Strategies You Can Steal From Big, Successful Companies

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of building a business’s digital brand. It helps to position your company higher in online searches by improving your website’s PageRank. However, it only works if you’re well aware of the intricacies of organic SEO. With this in mind, here are five SEO strategies you can borrow from your biggest competitors.

1. Incorporating “Hummingbird” Phrases

Google changes its search engine algorithm daily. However, one change meant to simplify how users find companies included the Hummingbird algorithm change. Its focus is to produce content that answers search queries relating to where your company is located, what types of products and services you offer, and finally, how customers can use or purchase your product and service. A Miami online marketing agency can help structure your content around these three aforementioned Hummingbird phrases so that your local customers have a much easier time finding your business online.

2. Using the Right Social Media for the Right Customer

Having social media buttons on your website isn’t enough. Leaving it up to your customers to decide between 10, 20 or even 30 social media buttons is not a social media strategy. The biggest and best companies match their social media strategy to the types of customers they service. Make sure you clearly define who your target audience is and match your social media strategy accordingly.

3. Building a Network of Influencers

There is no benefit to organic SEO if the content you produce isn’t shared. In order to help make sharing an easier process, it’s incumbent upon you to build a network of influencers, individuals who have a substantial following on social media and ones whose reputation is well-appreciated within your market.

Those influencers don’t have to be the CEOs of your market’s biggest players. Instead, they can be individuals with substantial followers on Twitter, ones who are highly regarded for their insight. All markets have influencers and it’s your job to latch onto them so that they help get your content in front of new prospects.

4. Taking Part in Podcasts and Webcasts

The best way to be seen as a source of reliable and timely information is to take part in podcasts and webcasts. The biggest companies know that SEO is less about link-building and more about content marketing. Podcasts and webcasts are another means of getting your best content in front of new prospects.

5. Optimizing Videos

YouTube videos aren’t searchable by today’s search engines. It’s the description of the video itself that’s searchable. Unfortunately, far too many small businesses produce an engaging video only to leave the description box void of information. Make sure you optimize your videos by providing a mini-post of 300 to 400 words that thoroughly describe what your video is about.

Again, organic SEO is less about adjusting your content around keywords and or having a link-building network. Instead, it’s about marketing your content so that your company has a substantial list of followers. Your chosen Miami website design firm should be more than capable of adopting all of these aforementioned strategies.

Victor Gonzalez5 SEO Strategies You Can Steal From Big, Successful Companies