5 Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers

Social media is a huge part of how businesses market themselves online. Twitter has emerged as one of the top social media sites, often vying with Facebook for that number one spot. People seem to flock to Twitter to quickly gain news, and send out quick news of their own. However, for businesses to truly get anything out of Twitter in regards to online marketing, they need to have a good amount of followers. If you have a Miami Internet marketing agency helping you set up your Twitter and constantly posting and monitoring it, they may encourage you buy followers. While it may create the appearance that you are a popular company, it doesn’t help in the realm of engagement. After all, you cannot engage with people that aren’t real.

This is why it is important to acquire as many real followers as possible. Here are 5 great ways to increase your Twitter following:

1) Fill in your Short Biography – It may be only 140 characters, but you can do quite a lot with 140 characters. This is the character count that all of Twitter is based on. Keep it simple and to the point. Also try to include your web address.

2) Utilize #Hashtags – Always pay attention to what is trending and see if you have anything to say to jump on that bandwagon. Not all trending hashtags will be appropriate to your business, but many will, and including that hashtag in your Tweet will allow it to be seen by a larger audience.

3) Link Back to Twitter whenever Possible – If you blog, include a link to your Twitter account in as many posts as possible. If you have a website, be sure to put it on there as well. Include it in the signature of your emails, and if you comment on other people’s blogs, add it in there too.

4) Learn from Top Tweeters – Take a look at some of the accounts belonging to the top Twitter users. You may not even recognize some of the names, but they are all doing something right. Study how they format their tweets, as well as when they post them and how often. It’s always a good idea to learn from the best.

5) Encourage Retweeting – One of the best ways for other people to find out about you and follow you on Twitter is through retweeting. When people retweet your words, it goes out to all of their followers. Encourage others to retweet is as simple as including “Please RT!” in your Tweet.

Have you used any other tactics to gain followers on Twitter? Comment below and share your ideas with us!


popadmin5 Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers