Hootsuite: What’s all the Hype About?

If you use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s likely that you’ve seen posts with the attachment of “Posted via Hootsuite” or something to that degree. Maybe you’ve checked it out and become extremely familiar with Hootsuite, and maybe you have not. For those of you that are still wondering what Hootsuite is, I’m here to fill you in. Basically-speaking, Hootsuite combines top social networking sites all into one app, so you can control all of your accounts from one place.

Multiple studies have emerged that show that the timing of posting on social networks is extremely important to the level of engagement gained from those posts as well as other important factors related to social media. Hootsuite is basically an all-in-one package for most social media and brand sites. It allows you to schedule posts, and basically plan out your entire daily strategy on social media.

A colleague of mine, Dana Levinson, works with Hootsuite every day, and she swears by it: “Hootsuite allows me to do my job as a social media expert 24/7/365. If I want to take a vacation and leave my phone behind, I can schedule posts to cover the period that I’m away, and nothing is lost or missed.”

Granted, she does admit, that the engagement factor is something that apps can never quite cover. “Hootsuite allows me to post, but I cannot predict how the responses will pan out. It is best used with companies that don’t have such a huge following that hour-by-hour engagement is necessary,” says Levinson.

So, for example, if your client is a huge entity like Target, then you probably should not utilize Hootsuite to take care of your client while you are out of town. Although Hootsuite can help you with pre-scheduling when posts will become live, it cannot help you reply to all the users that will be responding in the first 10-20 minutes of your post, and there forward.

So, for now, although Hootsuite is an extremely valuable tool, it cannot yet fulfill the most important job done by humans: real, honest engagement.


popadminHootsuite: What’s all the Hype About?