6 Online Marketing Strategies for Local Miami Businesses

Local businesses can benefit greatly from online marketing strategies that help to drive traffic through their doors. However, it has to be done with that aim in mind from the start. Many of the technologies necessary to bring foot traffic from an online presence have to be targeted for a local audience, from the search engine keywords to potential mobile customers. Here are a six ways to fine tune your online marketing strategy for local Miami businesses:

1. Target Local Keywords – Every online business must do a bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to stand out in their particular niche, but those that want local traffic must also include local SEO terms and keywords in their content. It’s not just enough just to combine a keyword with the name of a city, you also have to get into the mind of local customers who may be adding neighborhoods, beaches, or attractions to their query when they look for the best pizza place near Midtown or a tourist spot.

2. Make Sure You Use Responsive Web Design – Miami website design agencies know that the future is in mobile advertising, particularly for local traffic. Someone searching for an establishment while they’re out and about are usually doing it via a smartphone. If your web design is not responsive, it can be make it more difficult for users of these mobile devices. Plus, the Google is now downgrading sites that are not mobile-friendly as they also understand the ramifications of mobile technology.

3. Get the Word Out with Social Networking – If you don’t understand how people in a local area get information via popular social networking sites to make buying decisions, then hire a Miami digital marketing agency to manage your social networking profiles for you. They can reach a wider audience of people within your local area and provide the type of exposure and referrals to your site that can increase your conversions using this strategy. In a way, social networks is an online way for people to find out about local places that please people and many even provide a way to rate local establishments.

4. Facilitate Transactions with Local Strategies – Whether you’re a realtor looking to provide downloadable information for an open house with a QR code or a restaurant making it easy to get repeat customers with an online loyalty program, enabled via smartphones at the time of the purchase, you will have a way to give people reasons to remember you and hopefully visit and purchase again.

5. Publish Content with Local Interest – To make your site more popular with the local crowd, include topics in your blog of items of local interest. This will help to drive people to your site when they are looking up what to do around the area. If you can be a sponsor at some of these local events or spots, you can also tie in your online marketing to it by advertising your URL or including QR codes in your advertising offline.

6. Use Paid Advertising Campaigns to Target Local Areas – You can limit your Google Adwords campaigns to local areas instead of the entire state. You can also create a local business profile for Google Plus for businesses. Or, pay to add your business to Google Maps.

Don’t forget to include your own location information for those looking for nearby businesses. This is normally referred to as your NAP (name, address, phone number). Make it visible on all pages of your site via a footer or header and you will be well on your way to getting local attention.

Victor Gonzalez6 Online Marketing Strategies for Local Miami Businesses