Are Tablets and Smartphones Making it too Easy to Shop?

Having a Smartphone or Tablet makes most technological aspects of life incredibly easy. Just a few years back, we used to have to be in a physical store or in front of a computer to make a purchase. Now, we are very spoiled. Personally speaking, if I want to order a pizza on a lazy Tuesday night, I use one of many available food-ordering apps on my Smartphone. Not only am I never missing a moment of my favorite reality TV guilty pleasure of the moment, I don’t have to deal with a Tween over the phone and can even track how close my pizza is. However, I do find myself settling for pizza more often these days. So it’s no surprise that new emerging reports are showing that people who use tablets and Smartphones regularly are shopping more than ever. It’s just so easy!

Based on an infographic released by Statista, eCommerce sales from mobile devices have risen from 2% to 8% in only two years. In fact, 40 million Americans at least visited on their Smartphone or tablet in March 2012 alone! Clearly this is a trend that is only going to continue growing.

Most sales are being done through a Smartphone, however, sales with a higher overall total are being done from a Tablet. Order values from tablets even exceed order values from PCs. This is causing marketers to look more thoughtfully at basing their advertisements on tablet users. Quite possibly, these statistics also point to the fact that Smartphones have become pretty commonplace and even affordable, while tablets are still a luxury item. Therefore, those that have tablets, typically have more money to spend anyway. Only time will tell on these early numbers and predictions.

Have you become a shopaholic due to your Smartphone or tablet? Comment below and share your stories with us!


popadminAre Tablets and Smartphones Making it too Easy to Shop?