Re-Commerce Sites and Why they are Helpful

Surely you have heard of eCommerce sites. These are basically sites on which you are able to buy things. Even if you have not heard of them, it’s likely you use them on a regular basis. If you’re still confused, is a good example of an eCommerce site.

There has been a new approach to buying and selling online that has been gaining momentum in the past years though, and that is the “Re-Commerce” site. These are sites that allow you to trade in or sell old items that you are no longer using. I’m sure the first site that comes to mind is eBay, which is definitely a re-commerce/auction type of site.

However, eBay is far more complicated, since many people sell new items, as well as old items. Many Re-Commerce sites have emerged based on particular trends and needs. One of the most popular trends for Re-Commerce sites have been Apple products. Macbooks, iPhones and iPads dominate these markets because they have the most to offer.

Some of these sites have even started advertising on TV. Just the other day I saw an advertisement for I won’t lie. I was intrigued. I have an old MacBook Pro that is on its last leg and if I can get any money for it, I’d be thrilled.

After a short series of questions, most of these sites will give you an estimate on what your old product is worth. After this, some sites require photos or for the product to be sent in before they can give you a more accurate estimate. Although this may seem a little scary for some, just make sure you get into business with a legitimate site. Reading online reviews and asking colleagues is a good way to ensure your safety when dealing with re-commerce sites.

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