Basic SEO Practices Every Website Should Employ

Internet marketing is truly one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach a large, yet targeted audience. A high functioning SEO campaign will require constant attention, a reputable Miami Internet marketing agency, change, research and trial & error. One of the great things about basic SEO though is that there are a few pillars that seem to remain important to launching a successful SEO campaign. Here are a few things you can rarely go wrong with…as long as you do them right!

1) Page Title vs. Article Title – This works both with standard web pages as part of the on-page SEO, as well as with blogging. It’s important that your page title is present and optimized to include targeted keywords. In the case of SEO blogs, the article title should try to draw the reader in, while the page title should be simple, with the targeted keyword in it.

2) Domain Canonicalization – While this may sound like it is probably a difficult concept, it is actually not. If you check the link to your website by putting it in the URL bar both with and without the “www.” If both versions end up looking like and then you will need to look into getting a simple 301 redirect to make sure that all URLs link back to the version with the most links.

3) User-Generated Content – Search engines will always appreciate this as long as it is thoughtful and genuine. Take Yelp for example. It is almost entirely user-generated content, but it is very respected user generated content. If a restaurant or other business is consistently rated poorly, Yelp enthusiasts will most likely not go there. User generated content also means the page is consistently changing and gaining new content from various visitors.


popadminBasic SEO Practices Every Website Should Employ