Tips to Keep Your Small Business Environmentally-Friendly

“Going Green” is now basking in a light of positivity that is twofold: Number one, of course, is that by going green you are helping to contribute to a better, more environmentally-sound planet. And number two? Possibly a little less unsavory, but nevertheless very true, going green is incredibly positive for when you are trying to market your company. Telling clients that you use recycled paper, or only submit forms electronically to help minimize your carbon footprint is a huge deal. Equip your office with energy-saving light bulbs and enforce a strict recycling policy for employees, and you’ll be ready to boast that on top of all the other wonderful things your business does, you are also proactive about being eco-friendly. Hopefully, you are actually as passionate about improving the environment as you are about marketing your business. Then these two objectives will be easily attained. Here are some tips to make your small business more environmentally friendly:

1) Invest in a Water Filter or Water Cooler – Many people bring bottled water to work and this wastes a lot of plastic. Instead of having water bottles in your office, invest in a water cooler, or water filter that can be attached to your sink. Give employees branded water bottles that they can use to both show their pride in the business and also reuse them to save on plastic.

2) Replace All Bulbs with Energy Efficient Ones – Make sure all the light bulbs in your office are energy efficient light bulbs. They cost a little more in the beginning, but over time, they last longer and greatly reduce your electricity bill.

3) Keep As Much of Your Business “Paperless” as possible – Sometimes we need tangible signed documents for certain aspects of business, but many times, there is no need to print every little piece of correspondence that comes your way. Try to only print what you need and create online systems to keep important documents available online.


Do you have any other tips to help a small business “go green?” Comment below and share your thoughts!

popadminTips to Keep Your Small Business Environmentally-Friendly