Common Mistakes Web Design Clients Fight to Have

Web designers and developers can spend days mapping out a design with a client, and there’s still a chance the client won’t like the final product. One of the more frustrating issues is trying to dissuade a client from having things on their website that are more harmful than good. In the days when SEO reigns supreme in the online world, it’s always a good idea to hire a Miami Internet marketing agency to help you fully optimize the website a web design Miami company creates for you. For those companies that don’t really have the funding for a large web design and web marketing project, and have hired a freelancer or friend for a simple site, make sure to stay away from these website killers.

1) Refrain for creating a flash-based site – Flash-based websites are basically SEO killers. They do not allow for text to be found by search engines because it is embedded into the flash. A good way to keep some flash in the website is to use some flash animation objects on the page, and then you can still create a beautiful, “flash-esque” website without compromising the integrity of vital SEO efforts.

2) Do not overwhelm visitors with too much content – Yes, content is still king, but keep longer pieces in your website’s blog. Make sure that the pages of your website have minimal and well-laid out content that isn’t offensive to visitor’s eyes. Most of the time, people will stop reading if they don’t see what they need within the first paragraph or so. Convey your message in a brief, effective manner.

3) Do something different than your competitors – Many companies will be drawn to some of the websites of their competitors and will want their site modeled after one or more of them. While it’s not a bad idea to take some things from a competitors website, it is most important to create something unique overall. A few nods from a competitor’s site is fine, but by no means should you copy their overall site.

Is there anything else you can think of that web design clients often ask for, but isn’t a good idea for their website? Comment below and share your thoughts!

popadminCommon Mistakes Web Design Clients Fight to Have