Sharing too much on Social Media? Tips to Stop!

I think we have all both been the perpetrator, as well as the victim, of over sharing on social media. Good examples of over sharing are posts about bathroom breaks, trips to the grocery store, overabundance of dog/cat/food/baby photos, and constant check-ins in a small period of time. Aside from these things being annoying, many of them can actually be dangerous to post. Letting people know you are away from home leaves it open for them to rob you, or even come find you where you are. That guy who keeps showing up wherever you are? It’s not “meant to be.” It’s social media stalking. If you have been over sharing too much, you may want to contact a Miami Internet marketing agency to help you with reputation management. There are some ways to cut back on over sharing though to keep yourself safe and the people on your friends list, sane.

1) Turn Off Push Notifications – Try to set a time of day to check up on your social media sites and turn off push notifications. Push notifications let you know immediately when someone likes your photo on Facebook or Retweets you on Twitter. This can lead you to open up these social media applications on your phone more often then you normally would. Just check them once a day, and then leave it alone. This gives you less time to over share.

2) Turn Off Location-Based Apps – Turn off the “Add location” feature to posts on Facebook and turn off push notifications for apps like Foursquare. Sharing your location is just not a good idea for the most part. Especially if you open up your social media accounts to the public.

3) Be Careful with Instant Sharing – Some apps like Instagram, Spotify and various games allow you to connect to Facebook and post your activity regularly without you asking it to. A good idea is to either make the posts only available to you, or to go into your settings and manually turn off instant posts.

Do you over share on social media? Have you ever tried to tone it down? Or do you think sharing like this is part of what makes social media great? Weigh in by commenting below!

popadminSharing too much on Social Media? Tips to Stop!