Create Infographics with These 5 Great Tools

Infographics have become the perfect way to get a lot of information to the masses in a fun and entertaining fashion. These informative graphics are a great tool for businesses as well, since visuals are one of the more commonly shared items on social networks. If you have worked with a Web Design Miami company and already have a website, these are great to help add visuals to your SEO blog. (Make sure to consult with a Miami Internet marketing agency to help you create an effective SEO blog.)

There are some great tools out there to either generate or help you create an infographic with stats about basically any topic. Below are some of the best tools to help you make your own infographic.

1) StatSilk – StatSilk is a web-based and desktop infographic creator. It helps easily organize different stats together into visual maps and different graphs to accompany the numbers in a more visually pleasing way.

2) Dipity – Dipity helps you turn information and photos into a visual timeline infographic. These are great to create for personal use, or to show the progression of your business in a new way.

3) This is a really great option for those that work well with drag-and-drop tools. This very simple tool allows you to place certain items on an infographic based on different “vhemes” you create. Once you create each “vheme” you can drag-and-drop it strategically along your infographic.

4) – This is the perfect tool to create a visually stunning and unique resume. Obviously a visual resume is not going to exactly adhere to the most professional of guidelines for a resume. However, with the job market presenting such tough issues on a daily basis, being creative isn’t a bad idea either. Just make sure you use it appropriately and don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

5) What About Me? – This is more of a funny tool, but it is also very simple and useful, even if it is just to analyze yourself. Using your personal profiles on Facebook and Twitter, What About Me compiles information about you and turns it into a neat little infographic.


Did we miss your favorite infographic tool? Comment below and tell us all about it!

popadminCreate Infographics with These 5 Great Tools