Client Spotlight: SkyBank Financial

As a Miami Internet marketing agency and web design Miami company, here at POP Creative we meet a variety of different people from very unique companies. Sometimes, not only do these companies become our clients, but we also become theirs. One such case is SkyBank Financial, a Miami credit card processing company.

Having a reliable credit card processing company behind your business is vital to success these days. Very few people pay with cash now, and opening up your company to accepting multiple forms of payment can only increase your sales. SkyBank Financial can easily help you get set-up to accept credit cards at your business. They even offer wireless mobile credit card processing, so traveling professionals can take payments right on their Smartphones.

credit card processingSkyBank Financial is a direct payment processor operating on wholesale interchange pricing. While that may sound like a mouthful, what it genuinely amounts to is the absence of a middleman and therefore, lower prices and more personal service. Not only do they operate their own payment gateway, they also keep all customer service in-house, which helps to create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

Recently, SkyBank Financial also announced a unique incentive program called “Switch & Save.” Anyone that is looking to switch credit card processing services can simply fax in their current statement for a free, no obligation consultation. If SkyBank Financial cannot help you save money on your current plan, they will give you a free iPad.

We have been using SkyBank Financial’s services here basically ever since they became a client of ours and it has been a wonderful experience. We are able to offer our clients the option to pay for our services with a credit card and if there’s ever a problem, SkyBank Financial immediately attends to it in a quick & kind manner.

Visit their website at so you can check out both their work and ours!


popadminClient Spotlight: SkyBank Financial