Facebook Starts an App Store… Sort of

Due to the fact that Facebook will be publicly trading within the next week or so, they have been blowing up the media more than usual. One of the hot points: Their new app store. But it’s not an app store like what you would normally encounter. It seems that Facebook has created a more of an app “referral service” more than anything else. Most people seem to mostly be referring to it as an “App Showcase.”

Basically, Facebook will be launching an all-inclusive area that will contain apps exclusive to Facebook, as well as opportunities to access apps from the Google Play or Apple App stores that also connect with Facebook. When you try to access the Facebook App Center through your mobile phone, for example, when you click on an app exclusive to iPhones or Androids, you will simply be directed to Google Play or the Apple App store.

Clearly the people at Facebook are very intelligent and they have created something to streamline the app process. From personal experience, I have an iPhone and have found that most of the apps I download are linked to Facebook. Therefore, those that really enjoy linking all of their game accounts together could truly enjoy this feature. I suppose only time will tell as to how this will work out in the long run.


popadminFacebook Starts an App Store… Sort of