Are you kidding? Email Marketing?

Yes. Email marketing is still a useful form of online marketing. We all have been bombarded by emails from different companies and promptly filed them in our spam folder. However, what many people forget is that some emails that make it through DO prompt us to buy things or at least visit the website and check out the offer. For example, I always open my Groupon emails, and typically those from my favorite stores that say “30% coupon inside!” or something similar. Those things Do get my attention. However, everyone is drawn to different things, so you need to learn who your customer already is and whom else you would like to draw in before attempting to market via email. Here are some great tips to carry out a successful email marketing campaign:

Only email those that Opt-in to it – Seems simple enough, but so many people buy email address lists and then just blast random people with promotions. This is one of the main reasons spam folders were probably created. The fact is, that if you have clients that already love you, they are more apt to read your emails then random strangers. If you are trying to reach new customers, include promotions in your emails for “Bring a Friend Day” or something similar.

Keep it short, simple and mostly visual – Make sure that you don’t overwhelm with text. If you are sending out a newsletter, just put snippets of articles, with larger appealing photos taking up most space. Include a “read more” link where they can find the rest of the article on your blog. This will keep your newsletter clean, and also drive traffic to your blog.

Know your audience – This is another simple one. If you own a health food store, include coupons for popular items, health tips and links to articles about holistic studies. If you own a clothing store for teens, include an article to some recent celebrity news, 25% of their next purchase, and lots of photos of new products. Also, keep track of which emails seem to be the most popular, and mirror those practices in future emails.


popadminAre you kidding? Email Marketing?