Facebook Taking Over your Life? We Can Help.

Many Facebook users have experienced a certain level of addiction to the site at one point or another. Others have had overwhelmingly long bouts of trying to kick the website out of their lives, deactivating and reactivating their profiles just hours apart. Just as there has been research in past years regarding the affects of MMORPG addiction, most notably covered in the documentary, Second Skin, which even follows a mother’s journey to help others after her son become so lonely and engrossed in his MMORPG games that he committed suicide. Facebook is a way to reconnect with old friends, nurture relationships you already have from afar and connect with new people. Unfortunately, there are those of us, especially with the addition of mobile apps that allow you to check Facebook incessantly, that do check Facebook far more often than is healthy. Below are some tips on how to help wean yourself off of Facebook taking over your life:

1) Set Time Limits – The best way to kick a Facebook addiction is to put yourself on a schedule and stick to it. If you have a the most time in the morning, get on your computer, and check Facebook for no more than 30 minutes. While you are detoxing, if you need another Facebook Fix, give yourself 15-20 minutes in the evening to respond to messages.

2) Turn off the computer, put your Smartphone on the charger – Some of the evenings I enjoy the most are when I forget completely about my phone and computer. Maybe just watching a movie with my husband, or having a drink at the neighbors’ house… I always try to leave my phone at home. At first, sometimes I found myself wanting to check in on Facebook, but very rapidly actually, that feeling dissipated, and now I find myself thrilled to be disconnected.

3) Share your goals with your followers – Let people on Facebook know that you are trying to curb your use of Facebook, and ask them to help you stick to you. You may encounter some detractors, but just push them aside, because after all, your personal goal is the most important.


popadminFacebook Taking Over your Life? We Can Help.