Five Internet Activists to Watch

More and more people are using social media and other areas of the Internet to bring certain causes to the forefront. Here at POP Creative Group, we love to support the modern activists of the Internet world. So, without further ado, here are five activists that are using social media to their advantage. Keep an eye on them!

1. Matt Flannery – This lovely gentleman created Kiva. You may have seen the Simpson’s episode where Lisa anonymously gives a “microloan” to Nelson to help him start his own business. Things may have gone awry for Nelson, but microloans have helped thousands of people across the world. Flannery is the man who introduced the idea to the Internet masses. As of August 2011, Kiva had facilitated more than 235 million dollars in microloans via the website.

2. Gary White & Matt Damon – Together, they created the nonprofit They have used social media in a very different, (and kind of scary) way. In September 2011, they held a contest to let a fan take over their Twitter feed for one week. It garnered a lot of attention, and luckily the person tweeting used their power for good.

3. Chris Hughes – Hughes launched Jumo, which aims to create a social network exclusively for nonprofits. In 2011, it had connected 15,000 organizations with other like-minded people.

4. Jo Green & Sean Parker – Ever been on Facebook and got a request for something through “Causes?” These are the men responsible for that. It has garnered support by more than 150 million people.

5. Rachel Beckwith – For her ninth birthday, this beautiful little girl requested that people make donations to charity:water as opposed to showering her with gifts. He mother set up a donation page online to make her birthday wish come true. She hoped to raise $300 by her birthday, and she got close, raising $220. The goal was far exceeded though after a tragic event. One month after her birthday, Rachel was killed is a horrible car crash. As of today, $1.2 million had been raised for Rachel’s cause in her memory.


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