Go Google Yourself! Control What’s Seen When Your Name Is “Googled”

Have you ever tried “Googling” yourself? And, no, that’s not a euphemism. By entering your name into the search field on Google.com, you may be surprised at what you find. Hopefully, everything that pops up is something you want people to see. However, if you’d like to take more control of what people see when they Google your name, there is a new website that can help.


BrandYourself launched its Beta version in 2008. Co-founders Patrick Ambron and Pete Kistler as a product to help increase your online presence. Ambron admitted to Mashable that the first version was “a bit cluttered.” Ambron told Mashable of the new and improved BrandYourself, “By focusing on one important thing, we were able to make the product more powerful and effective.”


Now the site aims to complete the proper SEO so that positive links attributed to you appear at the top of Google, while negative ones will fall very low on the list and are less likely to be seen. This site is likely to help many people seeing as according to a study by Microsoft, and as reported by Mashable, “of the almost 80% of hiring managers who had searched for candidates online, 70% of them said they had rejected a candidate based on what they found in his or her search results.”


So, if you’ve ever had an excellent interview, and then never hear from the place again, this may be why. BrandYourself has a free version that will allow you to have three links optimized to the top of Google. For $10, you can boost an unlimited amount of links.


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popadminGo Google Yourself! Control What’s Seen When Your Name Is “Googled”