Have You Been Invited To Pintrest?

This new social media platform is taking over some of the major social sites by letting the user showcase images, link the image to a website and share them with the Pintrest.com community. The real reason that we are talking about it is because businesses can now use Pintrest.com as another source of networking. One can add a link to each picture uploaded and if the picture is interesting enough people will “repin” until you have successfully gone viral with your image and perhaps gained a few new followers.

Adding to this picture sharing craze is the Instagram application, this application lets you take pictures with your phone and instantly edit them by giving different color effects to the image, once satisfied you can upload it and share with Instagram friends.

Take a nice picture of your business or product with Instagram.com, upload it to Pinterest and test to see if you can go viral with an image.



popadminHave You Been Invited To Pintrest?