Our Top 5 Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

We where all expecting a great collection of Super Bowl commercials this year but to our disappointment, only a few where average for the time slot.

You would think that they would try and make amazing commercials due to the price tag of about 3.5 million attached to these slots. Non-the-less here are our top 5 favorite Super Bowl 2012 Commercials.

#1 Volks Wagon

Volks Wagon has always delivered with their Super Bowl commercials and this one was no exception.

#2 The Avengers

Can you wait??? we cant. This movie looks really good!

#3 Chrysler

Motor City, Detroit has been one of the states that has suffered the most due to the economy and it is brough to our attention in this commercial.

#4 Bud Light

Check out Bud Light creating awareness for animal adoption. Good job!

#5 Chevy Silverado

The idea of a great company like Chevy giving a shout-out to another is quite nice. Hostess the maker of Twinkies has filed a bankruptcy for a second time, making many very unhappy that a childhood staple might be forever forgotten. On this years Super Bowl commercial Chevy made it a point to show the Twinkies off, perhaps refreshing some of our childhood memories and making us crave a twinkie or two.

popadminOur Top 5 Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials