iPhone Checkout Systems to Debut at Some Walmarts

Many supermarkets and larger chain stores have been adopting self-checkout systems to allow customers to bypass the line and check themselves out. For the most part, people have only really been utilizing these checkout systems for quick purchases and at least one person will oversee the self-checkout section to be sure that everyone is utilizing the system in an honorable fashion.

Walmart has decided to adopt a new checkout system now, and it has opted for a popular, yet expensive device to do so: the iPhone. Now don’t start imagining a self-checkout aisle powered completely by iPhones. The thought behind using an iPhone checkout system is slightly different at Walmart.

The first system, which is now available at a Walmart in Arkansas, allows customers to walk the store and shop by using their iPhone to scan the items they have put into their cart. Shoppers can even bag their items as they go, although the final checkout process will take place at a self-checkout system in the front of the store, and not on your iPhone.

An additional aspect of the shopping app for Walmart is the ability to create shopping lists ahead of time and check out competing prices at other stores, allowing customers to shop smarter.

“We’re continually testing new and innovative ways to serve customers and enhance the shopping experience in our stores,” Walmart spokesman David Tovar told Reuters.

So far, Walmart has reported that they first started testing the system with employees and then friends and family of employees. Now they are ready to start slowly rolling out the system to all their customers, starting with the first system in Arkansas.

How do you feel about this new setup? Do you think it will work well in Walmart stores? What are the downfalls, if any? Comment below and share your thoughts!


popadminiPhone Checkout Systems to Debut at Some Walmarts