Social Media Engagement for Small Business

Social media marketing, or SMM, has emerged as one of the most brilliant, and practically free forms of marketing in present day. Small businesses will surely benefit from social media, but only if they attack it in the right way. Here are some engagement tips for small businesses trying to tackle social media:

1) Utilize Apps to pre-schedule posts – Many studies that have been completed on social media engagement tend to show that timing of posts is critical. It varies based on the social networking site, so it is important to schedule posts appropriately. Apps like Hootsuite will allow you to do this simply, and they are relatively inexpensive. Scheduling posts also allows you to spend less time on social media. After all, even though it is an important to actively participate in social media, it’s difficult to engage in it all throughout the day. Scheduling posts will allow you to reach a large audience and not let social media marketing impede on other important daily task.

2) Take note of Engagement Features already in place – Simple adding, “Comment if you agree!” “Like if you want this!” or “Share this post to win!” on Facebook can elicit a great deal of responses from your audience. On Twitter, including popular hashtags can extend the reach of your posts. Read articles and take notes of the simple words you can add to posts to make them more engaging for viewers.

3) Respond Quickly and with Purpose – Any time a customer, client or fan reaches out to you through your business pages on social media, be sure to respond. Never leave a person wondering if you care about their concerns. Even if they just write, “Love your stuff!” be sure to comment back and thank them for their support. Show them that there is a real person on the other end that truly cares about their needs.

Have you had great success marketing you business through social media? How have you gone about it? Comment below and share some of your best practices for engaging people in social media


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