Just for Future Reference – Don’t Brag about Criminal Activity on Facebook

This may be one of those moments in which you’ve read an article headline and immediately had the sarcastic thought, “Um, yeah? Tell me something I don’t know.” And please allow me to pat you on the back for your overwhelmingly high level of common sense. (I can be sarcastic too.)

Returning to a more serious tone, unfortunately, there are people out there that do not realize that broadcasting their criminal exploits on their Facebook walls could possibly cause them to get caught. The automatic reaction from some may be, “Oh, great, those people had a rat friend who told the cops.” But no. These criminals willingly allowed Officer Michael Rodrigues into their Facebook lives when they accepted a friend request from him. The officer was trying to follow a lead he had on some of the members of a group suspected of committing a string of break-ins.

Rodrigues followed several members of the “Brower Boys” gang on Facebook, and simply let them incriminate themselves on their own walls. The suspects, ranging from 15-19 years of age, basically created a case against themselves as Rodrigues watched. After gathering a great deal of evidence, a member of the gang posted, “It’s break-in day on the avenue” on March 2. Cops followed him, and were able to arrest him as he was breaking into an apartment.

Police report that 14 members of the “Brower Boys” have now been charged with the string of break-ins.


popadminJust for Future Reference – Don’t Brag about Criminal Activity on Facebook