Some Advice for Content Marketing

Especially with the new Google Penguin algorithm making it difficult for even those creating new and interesting content for their websites and blogs, content marketing mistakes can make or break you. Content marketing should really occur somewhat naturally and somewhat on purpose. Basically, the content you create should be new and exciting with a specific overall message in mind, but then, once you look over the content a second time, focus on optimizing it without breaking any of Google’s old or new rules.

What all of this boils down to is that Google has created an algorithm that requires you to write without optimization in mind, and then take on a second step to optimize the material. The days of writing with only SEO in mind, or only content are over. Google only appreciates and recognizes the combination of both.

Also gone are the days when a blog was just another fancy addition to your website that didn’t require any relevant content, but more so, relevant keywords. Keywords only come into play after you have taken time to craft top-notch, and exciting content. This is also creating a more present need for in-house content writers for any company attempting a blog.

If you cannot yet afford an in-house blogger, setting up an internship program to help with the work in the mean time can be a solid, but temporary alternative. This can be a great way for you to find a potential future employee and reward an intern for a job well done.

The most important thing to note is, do not continue to try to blog on your own if you are only doing it passively and to get keywords incorporated into your site. Either hire someone to do your content marketing for you, or find time to competently do it yourself. The main reason behind this advice? Without paying solid attention to your website’s content in both the real of enthralling originality and search engine optimization, not only will you will NOT move up in search engine rankings, you are going to drop lower and lower.


popadminSome Advice for Content Marketing