Learn to Build Your Brand on Facebook

Social media is a beast that is very hard for business owners to fully tame. Often they find themselves overwhelmed with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and all the other social media outlets available. Without a Social Media Expert by their side, it becomes rather difficult to comprehend and fall in line with all of the new trends in social media. Therefore, if you are trying to go it alone, the best thing to do is to learn each individual social networking site and what works best on it. Here are some of the best Facebook tips to engage your fans on your brand page:

1. Visuals – Videos, photos and Infographics will probably always reign supreme on Facebook. After all, with other social networking sites, uploading video and photos is rather difficult and in some cases, not even possible. Facebook has made it simplest to display visuals and therefore has made it one of your best avenues for engagement on Facebook.

2. Memes – Now this could easily fall under visuals in general, but we all know that memes are a class within themselves. These funny photos that end up circulating the Internet with (typically) multiple different captions, make for new viral content on an hourly basis.

3. Ask “Fill in the Blank” Questions – A good way to get people involved in conversation is to ask “fill-in-the-blank” questions. It’s typically best to ask something about your brand. For example, if you owned a clothing store, you might want to ask something like, “I feel the best when I’m wearing my _________.” Or maybe, “I wish your store would carry ___________.”

4. Contests – Even contests that just award the prize of “bragging rights” to the winner still get a lot of engagement on Facebook. Ask your fans to write a caption for a photo you post, or you can even give a prize for the person that can bring in the most likes for your page.

popadminLearn to Build Your Brand on Facebook