Need a Job? Become an IT Professional

According to the July issue of Dice Report, it seems that information technology, or IT, professionals are having the simplest time getting a job these days. In fact, the unemployment rate for IT professionals is about half the national average at 4.4% for the first quarter of the year 2012. Most Human Resources representatives and small businesses are having the most difficult time finding qualified individuals in .NET developers, Java developers, software developers and mobile developers.

Experience has always been an integral part of how hiring managers find new employees, including those looking for information technology jobs. Today that has become more important than ever, making it more and more difficult for new grads to find work, even in the IT field. Why is that, you may ask? Well, since many companies have to resort to functioning with far less employees than is necessary to fully run their business, things like training and continuing education have gone out the window. According to the survey, hiring managers want at least two years of experience and some even require a minimum of 6 years.

Most employers can only afford to hire people who are pretty much ready to start working immediately and need little-to-no training to get started. Of course, every individual company is going to function a bit differently, but often it can be more costly to hire a brand new grad that needs not only training specific to the company, but also training specific to working in the real world. Therefore, if you do decide to become an IT professional, it is best to take on many internships and small projects throughout your education so that you will be more marketable by the time you graduate.

Are you considering a career in the information technology world or are you a new grad finding it difficult to gain employment? Share your stories with us by commenting below.


popadminNeed a Job? Become an IT Professional