Little-Known LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn has become the go-to site for professional social networking. Although other sites have popped up trying to do the same thing, few have rose to the occasion like LinkedIn has. If you are an avid LinkedIn user, you are probably using their many features to help you network, gain new clients, search for potential employees and even look for new and more fruitful positions for yourself. There are a few LinkedIn features that most users are not aware of. Here are three of them:

1. Labs – LinkedIn has a “Labs” section of their website that includes multiple widgets aimed at helping you make connections and move forward in your job search process. They have maps, games, resume apps and much more. Taking a few hours to tinker around with their labs section will surely be worth your time.

2. Groups – This is one of LinkedIn’s most valuable tools. There are thousands of choices, so there is no need to stick to a specific industry. If you are a Human Resources Representative for example, this could help you find new potential employees. Another great feature of this section of LinkedIn is the ability to see how many people belong to each group. This way, if you are looking for a more close-knit group you can choose a group with few members. On the flip side, if you are looking to reach out to many people, than you can join one of the groups with a much higher population.

3. Events – Many people have cited that they don’t look at the events section of LinkedIn because they never seemed to be able to find any events in their area. LinkedIn allows you to sort by date, and location. And if something you are really interested in attending is not located in your immediate city, try to gather a group and take a road trip. These days, never place yourself above the option of relocating. You may find that a change of location is just what you need to jumpstart your career.


popadminLittle-Known LinkedIn Features