Online Grocery Shopping: Too Lazy?

It seems that eCommerce shops are where most people do their shopping these days, and malls and physical stores are becoming less and less popular. This certainly isn’t helping our economy since physical stores create necessary jobs, while online stores let an online platform do everything for you.

While these eCommerce stores allow us to get things done quickly, maybe even from the comfort of our desks at work in the middle of a busy day, or from a tablet while lounging on our couches, it’s still questionable whether or not we are slowly making things harder on ourselves. Tollbooth operators are almost extinct these days with electronic pay passes, customer service phone representatives are near impossible to actually speak with since most companies utilize online or automated phone services and it looks like the next thing to go may be retail stores. eCommerce sites like Amazon are offering free shipping and partnering with so many other companies, allowing you to buy virtually anything just with a couple of clicks. So why would anyone get in their car, drive to the mall, get frustrated over parking (that they also have to pay for,) fight people for sales and then drag their purchases home after hours of roaming from store to store looking for the right items? The answer is, they won’t.

So now, even grocery shopping has taken a nod from other online retailers and started creating sites such as to make it simple to even have your groceries picked out and delivered to your home. Some find this to be silly, considering you can’t pick your own meats and produce. There is certainly a freshness factor we all look for. However, studies are showing that as people gain trust with these places, they are placing larger orders more frequently.

But the question remains… is it smart to save time and do your grocery shopping online? Or is it just plain lazy?

popadminOnline Grocery Shopping: Too Lazy?