There’s a New SMM in Town – Social MUSIC Marketing

Perhaps you have found yourself checking out I Heart Radio, Spotify or Pandora in the past few months or years. Perhaps you have even enjoyed them so much that you opted to buy their premium service that features little-to-no advertising. Most however, prefer to stick to the free services, making advertising on these online radio stations very valuable to companies looking to reach out to potential new customers.

Previously, the acronym SMM was more commonly known around the web as Social MEDIA Marketing. Now, it is gaining new ground as Social MUSIC Marketing. Ads that play during these online music sessions typically include music themselves so that they seamlessly play into whatever you may be listening too. Between the new Kanye song and LMFAO, you might hear a little something about Doritos.

The great thing about Social Music Marketing, is that for the most part, the advertisements are swift, non-invasive, and (from a personal standpoint) do actually work. I myself have purchased things I’ve heard about while in the middle of listening to Pandora, I Heart Radio or Spotify radio sessions.

From Mashable’s report, we learned this, “According to data from William Chipps, author of the IEG Sponsorship report, corporate sponsorship by consumer brands incorporating music into marketing programs was expected to exceed $1.17 billion last year, nearly double what it was six years earlier.”

It seems like brands investing in social music marketing are going to do well for themselves with numbers like that on their side.

Have you invested in Social Music Marketing? Post a comment below and tell us how your campaign has been doing.


popadminThere’s a New SMM in Town – Social MUSIC Marketing