Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Social Media Marketing has completely changed the way companies are conducting business. Social networking isn’t simply blasting your customers with constant promotions, photos of new products and reminders to have their friends “like” your page on Facebook, or “follow” you on Twitter. These networking sites are proving to be great avenues to improve your company’s customer service. Here are three ways in which social media sites are being used to help with customer service:

1. Ask Questions – The simplest way to start a dialogue on your social media sites is to encourage your followers to answer questions and interact. Such as “Tell us what your favorite menu item is and what your least favorite item is. Why?” This way you can gain feedback on what people enjoy the most and what you may need to consider removing from your regular inventory.

2. Encourage Customers to Write Recommendations on Facebook – You may have noticed a section on Facebook where clients can write recommendations for you. Offer incentives for them to post thoughtful recommendations on your page to help it gain value. This can be as simple as a coupon or reward card.

3. Create a Customer Survey Page, and direct Followers to it – This will help you gain traffic to your site, and offer customers an alternative to calling a 1-800 number or sending emails that may never be replied to. Have a Customer Service Rep in charge of those surveys that you trust has a firm grasp of company policy, but an amiable personality. Make sure customer forms are responded to quickly. They took the time to let you know what they think, so take the time to show them that you care.

Do you have any other tips that you feel have helped you improve your customer service through social media? Share them below by commenting!

popadminSocial Media as a Customer Service Tool