Twitter: 5 Tips to Write Traffic Generating Tweets

Twitter is a great way to market your website quickly, and network with others in your industry. With only 140 characters allowed in each Tweet, there are many times when you need to but your message down to just the basics. But what if the message seems lost at that point? Here are 5 superb tips to help you craft traffic generating tweets:

1. Timing is Everything – This is perhaps one of the simplest to understand and the most important. Anything you post a 2am is going to be less visible than something you post at 2pm. Make sure you post during high volume times so your post is more likely to be seen.

2. Tweet about Business Faux Pas that you found Solutions to – Potential clients know that everyone is human and they make mistakes. They don’t want to hear about your personal mistakes, but they love hearing how you have come up with solutions to major problems your competition faces. Don’t throw your competition under the bus though by using specific names. A good example would be “We noticed many companies are having difficulty with <BLANK>. Here’s our solution: (insert link here).”

3. Reply to Mentions & Interactions, Retweet & Favorite Tweets – This is very important. When followers of your business’s Twitter account mention you in a post, make sure you reply to them, even if with a simple “Thanks!” Every interaction lets the customer know you care about their needs and are always there to answer questions. Retweeting and favoriting posts from companies you follow will help build business relationships between you and those organizations.

4. Short Tweets work Best – Even though 140 characters seems to be a very small amount of text to get your point across, there’s always a way to make it shorter. It’s best to keep Tweets hovering around 100 characters or less. Twitter is designed for a shorter attention span and you will see more results by pandering to this audience.

5. Encourage Interaction – Asking questions in your tweets invites others to give their honest opinions and feel involved in molding your brand. Something as simple as “What do you think of our new Spring line?” can incite a lot of commentary that can help you improve your business.


Have any other great tips to craft the perfect traffic generating Twitter posts? Comment below and share your success stories!


popadminTwitter: 5 Tips to Write Traffic Generating Tweets