Tips for Sharing Blogs on Social Media

For some people blogging is simply a hobby; how many people actually read it is hardly important. For others, blogging is a full-time job, and incorporating social media into their blogging is another aspect of the job. This can be a tricky business though since simply posting a link to Facebook or Twitter is not going to be enough to truly be seen. You may get some hits to your blog, but if you are trying to become a viral blog sensation reminiscent of Amy Adams character in Julie & Julia, there are some more intricate steps you should follow to get ultimate exposure. Below are a few great tips to help you optimize your blog through social media:

Time Your Tweets and Facebook Posts – There is another great article, available here, that goes into the best and worst times to Tweet or post to Facebook. Timing your social media posts correctly can greatly increase the traffic they see.

Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites – Twitter and Facebook may be the giants of the social media world, but social bookmarking on sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit are just as useful if not more. While on Facebook and Twitter you can gain support from friends and fans, social bookmarking sites are specifically for interesting articles. Make sure you title your article correctly to draw the most attention when posting it on one of these sites.

Make sure you have social media icons on your blog page – Just as you are using social media to link back to your blog, place icons on your blog allowing people to visit all of your social media sites. Those people that only look at your Faceboook page may now start following you on Twitter as well, and the double exposure helps, because now they can retweet to their friends.

These are just a few simple ideas to help you improve traffic to your blog by using social media. How you found any other clever ways to maximize your optimization? Comment below and share your ideas!


popadminTips for Sharing Blogs on Social Media