Own a Restaurant? You better jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

According to a report released by the National Restaurant Association, (and then turned into a lovely Infographic displayed below) the restaurant industry is sure to go up in flames if they don’t start participating in social media. The survey showed that an overwhelming amount of people don’t even bother exploring for new restaurants while out and about. In fact, 45% of people surveyed said they already knew where they wanted to go before they even left their home, and 57% of people said they’ve come to rely on social networks like Yelp and Foodspotting to help them make their dinner selections. From personal experience, I’m married to a chef, so finding a restaurant he accepts is no easy task. Before we go out, there is usually about an hour of scrolling through Yelp reviews. However, if even a chef is using social media to make his restaurant choices, there must be a large level of validity to this new trend.

Also interesting is that 41% of restaurant-goers decided to eat out after receiving a promotional email from the restaurant. So even email marketing is permeating the choices people make when it comes to food.

Below is the Infographic presented by the National Restaurant Association. If you own a restaurant and have not yet placed yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foodspotting, Groupon and the like, maybe this Infographic will prompt you to do so.












popadminOwn a Restaurant? You better jump on the Social Media Bandwagon