Tips to Improve Local Rankings Through Link Building

When a person sets out to create a website, they typically have a particular audience in mind. For smaller businesses just starting out, the goal is usually to market locally. Some people may wonder how to really do this effectively since the Internet is worldwide. Of course, you can add in the city, state, county or neighborhood into the keyword (for example, if you owned a website design company in Miami, good keywords to incorporate to rank locally would be Miami Website design or website design Miami,) but there are also other tactics that can help aid local Internet marketing. One of the most useful is local link building. Here are some great tips to help you get started:

1) Guest Blog on Local Industry Blogs – Guest blogging is a great way to not only link build, but to also network as well. Becoming a guest blogger on another local site will definitely improve local link building stats for your website. To find good blogs, search Goggle by inputting your location, then the term “guest blog.” This should return a nice list of blogs you can contact to send guest posts to.

2) Look for Local Blogs & Leave Thoughtful Comments – Unfortunately, many blogs are overloaded by spam comments. If you try to read some local blogs and leave some thoughtful comments for the owner with a link to your website in the appropriate place, it is more likely to be approved and end up giving you a nice link back. Invite the blogger to do the same on your website.

3) Provide Testimonials for Local Businesses You Support – Take time to go on Yelp, Yahoo! or other ranking sites to post positive reviews for local companies you enjoy. If you can, go to their website and leave the testimonial there. Be sure to include as much of your own information and a link back to your website in the testimonial.


Have you ever used any of these tips for local link building? Comment below and share your thoughts or other pieces of advice.

popadminTips to Improve Local Rankings Through Link Building