Road to Success With One Fitness Camp

As Pop Creative Group continues to grow and venture into new territories, we find ourselves in a variety of niches.

As Pop Creative Group continues to grow and venture into new territories, we find ourselves in a variety of niches. One Fitness Camp is one of our newest clients and our progress with their company has been substantial. We are implementing web design, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click in their marketing campaign and pushing it to the max. We meet on a weekly basis to analyze the effectiveness of our pay-per-click campaigns and how we can incorporate an integrated marketing strategy to make this campaign cohesive.

One Fitness Camp, a weight loss camp is located at the beautiful Westgate Resort in Park City, Utah. They offer a 1-stop-shop for weight loss including certified trainers, body assessment, health counseling, and support groups. The camp is designed to turn your habits around from the inside out and develop a new lifestyle for you. They are passionate about helping people get fit.

Our SEO efforts for them have been very exceptional as we have seen their search engine visibility grow in a short period of time. Our analysis shows that the strength of competition within their industry is not strong among most of their competitors, however the top competitors put up a good fight. We are confident that with our results so far, we will see One Fitness Camp at the top in organic searches to compliment our PPC campaign.

The designers from Pop Creative have been breaking company records for the creation of the website. However, their quick web development hasn’t compromised the quality of the website. It looks excellent and easy-to-use for web surfers to navigate the site. Everything down to the color schemes have been analyzed to optimize user experience.

We encountered an obstacle with substantial CTR but the conversions just weren’t there. We decided to update some photographs from the camp that might connect with viewers better, and like magic; it worked like a charm. Almost immediately they began receiving phone calls from people with interest about their camp. This goes to show you, quality is key in every aspect of your online presence; from your web design all the way to your marketing.

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